Andrew Christian Almost Naked Elite Boxer

by admin on April 12, 2012

Almost Naked Elite Boxer from Andrew Christian

We tested this ‘Elite Boxer’ from Andrew Christian and it really impressed our team of testers.  The material used is uneeringly soft, apparently it is super soft Rayon made from Bamboo, god help the panda popluation then if these take off.  The styling is quite aggressive and posy, so make sure you are comfortable with that type of look if you go for these. The Almost Naked elite boxer is very comfortable and you do almost feel like you are going commando. The Gold stripping extends not only to the waistband but to each side and was a bit OTT for some of our testers, but thats subjective.  If you like something that makes a statement and is very light, tight and soft then give these a whirl.

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