Male Underwear Brands

Designer men’s underwear is big business and as a result it has led some big designers to step up to the plate with a range of incredibly desirable pants. Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Diesel, Emporio Armani, Andrew Christian and Hom all produce mens underwear. But when they did start? What product ranges do they offer? And what are their best sellers? Hopefully what comes next can answer those questions.

Calvin Klein Underwear

Calvin Klien is quite possibly one of the biggest designer brands in the world, so what better place to start looking at the history behind the underwear. Founded in 1968 by designer Calvin Klien the company didn’t start making underwear, most famous of all its boxer briefs until 1982. The underwear brand proved to be the perfect partner for the 80’s denim jean craze, something else which the company cashed in on. Initially the brand offered only the basic of underwear styles, them being briefs and boxers. Nowadays however Calvin Klien has a large number of underwear collections. These include, ck One, Classic, Steel, X, Bold and many more, each one features underwear made from traditional cottons and synthetic materials to micro fibre and include different styles such as boxer, brief, trunk and thong. Calvin Kliens best seller however remains the Classic boxer brief.

Diesel Underwear

Diesel is another well-known high street brand, founded in the late 1970’s by Renzo Rosso in northern Italy it has only recently branched out into the underwear sector.  Diesel calls their underwear range “Intimates” which it launched in 2007 and each season they bring out a new collection (currently called SS12). The collection primarily consists of tighter fitting styles like boxer briefs and briefs. And unlike other designers Diesel uses a lot of colourful and patterned materials in its collections, resulting in a visually appealing bunch of pants!

Giorgio Armani

Another Italian designer who’s made the transition into the underwear world is Giorgio Armani. This vastly successful designer and company who also sell under the Emporio Armani name are almost as famous for their clothes as they are their celebrity filled adverts. Massive billboards featuring Rafael Nadal in Armani pants are common place in most cities. Armani offer a range of underwear encompassing most styles including thongs, their colours tend to be less vibrant than other brands and the underwear is made from smooth soft materials such as cotton and modal.

Andrew Christian Underwear

Andrew Christian is a fashion designer who started his own manufacturing company in 2001. Unlike other designers who branched out into underwear, Christian initially and solely designed and sold male underwear/swimwear, for this reason the Andrew Christian company offers a massive range of underwear styles spread out over 17 different collections. Fashionable boxer briefs and briefs are available in collections like “Vivid Fuse” while more practical, supportive jock straps for sports are available in the “Air Jock” collection amongst others.

So when it comes to choosing designer men’s underwear there really is a lot of choice. Some of the biggest names in the fashion world put their name to pants and for good reason. With such a wide variety of styles, colours and materials being used they have created a very lucrative market for themselves.

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