Calvin Klein Underwear

Calvin Klein is one of the biggest names in fashion with lines, collections and ranges encompassing almost every form and style of clothing, not to mention perfume and jewellery. Bold, stylish and sleek advertising does a good job of keeping the CK brand in the public mind however you would be forgiven for forgetting that Calvin Klein is not just a brand but a person.

Born in 1942 Klein took up designing and taught himself to sew from an early age. Eventually in 1968 Klein founded his own company Calvin Klein Limited and opened a small shop selling coats in New York City. By the early 1970’s Klein had won a fashion award and added much more to his range, including sunglasses, sportswear and lingerie. These ranges resulted in the Calvin Klein business making in excess of 30 million dollars by the late 70’s.

It could be said though that Calvin Klein’s greatest success came in the 1980’s when along with his hugely profitable lines of CK jeans, Klein launched a male underwear brand that changed the way people viewed pants forever. No longer were they mere functional items but fashion statements in their own right, proof of this was when the underwear collection went on to make 70 million dollars in one year. Klein remains firmly on top of the market place by offering new underwear collections every season, catering for ever changing public demand and pushing the boundaries of male underwear design.

Currently Calvin Klein Underwear has 13 collections, offering the consumer almost every style of underwear. Most popular of the collections are the “CK One” and “Classic” collections, which feature traditional boxer’s, briefs, boxer briefs and within CK One a thong. Made from either 100% cotton for absolute comfort or stretchy microfiber material for sport the collections are void of any colour, with all the underwear only available in traditional black, grey or white.

For more colour one is better to choose from the “Bold” or “X” collections. Again materials include cotton and microfiber but also a cotton modal hybrid in the “X” range. The underwear has a super smooth look and feel combined with extreme softness for maximum comfort and support. And as previously mentioned these collections come in much brighter colours like blue, red and pink with contrasting waist bands featuring the signature CK name. They provide the wearer with the perfect balance between supportive sporty and fashionable leisure underwear.

For the ultimate in sports orientated underwear the collection to go for is “Pro Stretch”. Featuring a tagless waistband for no irritation, breathable microfiber material and a supportive athletic fit the briefs and boxer briefs in the collection are perfect for athletes. The collection also includes cycle shorts for any budding Lance Armstrong’s out there. Colour choice is mainly limited to black or white with a contrasting red waistband.

Many of the collections also include lounge pants, like cotton trousers for wearing around the home and tight fitting or loose tee-shirts for sport and leisure respectively. All are made of comfortable materials like cotton and are available in traditional Calvin Klein colours of black and white.

Calvin Klein, a fashion designer turned multi-million dollar business man who started out making coats owes a lot of his success to men’s underwear. And for good reason, his underwear collections are stylish, beautifully made and world renowned. Any fashion conscious male would be silly to be seen without a pair of “Calvin’s” on.

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