What men’s underwear to wear for a first date?

by admin on November 20, 2012

Even with the huge range of men’s underwear now on sale, there are a huge amount of men who still rely on their mum’s to buy them at Christmas. This is a shocking state of affairs, and a lot of girls read into what pants you wear more than you think. Here, we take a look at a few different styles and what kind of impression they give to the opposite sex.

Tight and bright

Tight and bright underwear!

This suggests you might be outgoing and aren’t afraid to make a scene. Once considered a little bit too weird, colourful boxers are back with style. Depending on how flamboyant you are with them, girls will think you have a crazy side which is a good thing, right? Many big brands are jumping on the bandwagon, and you can see a selection of colourful men’s underwear over at house of fraser.

Baggy and Spacious

Baggy boxers essentially tell girls that you are a hippy. You aren’t one for the latest fashions or fads, and comfort comes first. Although there is nothing wrong with that, it might be best to stay away from them on your first few dates. Think lucky and get lucky, that’s my motto. By wearing baggy pants on the first dates, it might suggest that you will settle for something that doesn’t really fit (like the failed relationship you are likely to have with her).

Thermal Underwear

Mens thermal underwear

Thermal. Is. Back. No doubt about it. Wearing thermal leggings for lads is becoming the norm, especially in ‘Trendy areas’ such as East London….In all seriousness though, the nights are drawing in. The colder it gets, the more important it becomes to keep your privates warm! You can get some thermals which you can wear under your trousers, so no one will be the wiser. (Although it’s advisable to stay away from them on a first date; there’s nothing that quite says sexy more than an extra layer of undergarment.)

Tight and White

Tight and White

Tighty whiteys are also known as briefs. Let’s be honest, you are the bullies dream; perfect for wedgies. Ensure they are not too elastic to prevent them being pulled the whole way over your head. They often offer a snug fit, and keep everything together. In my honest opinion, they get a bit of a bad reputation, tighty whiteys are cool! Let’s be honest, boxers are so 2000. Many high street brands offer a selection of colourful briefs, they almost have a cult following. Although, I’m not entirely sure the wedgies are a good trade off.

Remember; think longer term when going on your first date. What happens if you need to take them off? Ensure that you wouldn’t mind being seen in public with them on, otherwise you may end up having to go to the bathroom and flushing them, then face that awkward moment where she thinks you are the kind of guy that goes commando. Let’s be honest, no one wants that. Girls like adventure, but that is likely to be a stretch even for the most audacious girl…

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